decepción translates to: disappointment   Decepción. The feeling that you have when you realize that someone you highly esteemed isn’t who you believed they were. The sentiment you experience when you are not the 20th caller when dialing into the radio station to win Disneyland tickets (Am I the only one that does that?). That […]

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Zoo Day

Last week I decided to take my boys (3 and 2 years old) to the San Diego Zoo. It’s a world famous zoo but I hadn’t visited in years. Living in a touristic city mean that you don’t always get to enjoy the great attractions that visitors well… visit. For this trip I needed to take […]

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I’m always amazed by the magic of music. When pressing play can rewind you back to specific time in your life. Times that you’ve even forgotten about. A simple song with deep and touching lyrics can work as therapy on a broken soul. Music has the power to enrage or enamor. My husband can think […]

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  Tiempo (pronounced tea-em-poh) = time   As I typed and deleted words as a header all I could think of was my dusty blog saying, “Tanto tiempo sin verte” or in English, “Long time, no see”. My last blog was published early this year and was based on my weight battle. It was the start […]

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Lately, I’ve stressed about my weight more than my whole life. I was never “skinny” at least not in my image. I honestly have never been smaller than a size 10 since junior high. All of my baby and childhood photos are of my large cheeks and chubby body. That makes me think that it […]

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Yesterday marked three years in my relationship with my soul mate. (I know it sounds cliché.) In the last 3 years I have discovered who I am and I feel that I owe it to my husband (technically boyfriend). He has helped me get past the past and look forward to the future. There are […]

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